The Flug bench was designed as a versatile yet stylish modular bench system.

This bench has a variety of uses with a high turnover of people like airports, bus stops, banks, train and subway stations, clinics, hospitals, diagnostic and general service companies.

The bench is made with a 3 mm (0.11811 inches) thick perforated sheet, which results in an unmatched strength along with a high level of durability.

In its stainless steel version this product is ideal for environments where corrosion and maintenance are an issue due to moisture or exposure to abrasive cleaners. The Flug Bench is not only durable and long lasting, but virtually maintenance free.

This beautiful modular metal bench system offers benefits for corporate and as well as urban furniture applications.


Backed or backless modular bench system for indoor or outdoor environments.
Available as two, three, four and five seat units with or without intermediate armrests or tables.

Optional cold rolled carbon steel or stainless steel ANSI 304 for seats, backs legs, optional armrest and cross support beam.
Anodized aluminum for the cross support beam end cap.
Optional Table comes in a transparent tempered glass, metal or laminated MDF board.

Cold Rolled Carbon Steel:
Electro-coated with corrosion resistant epoxy and finished with a thermosetting polyester powder topcoat.

Stainless Steel ANSI 304:
Seats are available in a shot blasted finish.
Armrests, legs, and cross support beam are available in either brushed or shot blasted finish.

Standard surface mounting: Legs are attached with screws to threaded anchors installed in substrates.
Freestanding on rubber pads.

Products are warranted against defects in material or workmanship for three years from the date of shipment. The warranty does not apply to damage resulting from vandalism, neglect, accident, misuse, tampering, or modification.

Optional accesories:
Flug bench can be requested with glass, metal or laminated MDF board table for added convenience.

Flug bench - Glass Table Flug bench - Metal Table Flug bench - laminated MDF board Table

Flug bench also comes in a variety of back options including; backless, full seat, and full seat with extendback.


Cold Rolled Carbon Steel (Electro-coated with corrosion resistant epoxy and finished with a thermosetting polyester powder topcoat)


  • Black Black #001
  • Gray Gray #002
  • White White #003
  • Red Red #004
  • Orange Orange #005
  • Yellow Yellow #006
  • Green Green #007
  • Blue Blue #008
  • Custom colors available upon request

Stainless Steel

  • Brushed Brushed
  • Shot Blasted Shot Blasted


*The colors shown on the images are for illustrative purposes. Contact us and ask for availability of colors.