Applicable to all types of environments, the Origo receptacle is characterized by its functionality and aesthetics.
Its 3 mm sheet thickness ensures anti-vandalism and a long service life.

Easily applied as a selective waste collection receptacle, this line is optimal as municipal furnishing and urban furniture in general, as well as all kinds of enterprises, companies and settings that target a high degree of sophistication.

Unlike traditional urban receptacles, the fastening elements of the waste bag are located inside the drum, without being exposed to public view. This contributes to the aesthetics of the Origo and allows it to create a natural setting with any environment.


Litter receptacle with lid in a 9 gallon capacity.

Optional cold rolled carbon steel or stainless steel ANSI 304 and ANSI 430.

Cold Rolled Carbon Steel:
Electro-coated with corrosion resistant epoxy and finished with a thermosetting polyester powder topcoat.

Stainless Steel ANSI 304:
Outer structural case available in shot blasted finish.
Side panels available in brushed or shot blasted finish.

Stainless Steel ANSI 430:
Bag support available in brushed or shot blasted finish.

Surface mount attached with screws to threaded anchors installed in substrates.

Products are warranted against defects in material or workmanship for three years from the date of shipment. The warranty does not apply to damage resulting from vandalism, neglect, accident, misuse, tampering, or modification.

Origo receptacle
Origo receptacle
Origo receptacle

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Cold Rolled Carbon Steel (Electro-coated with corrosion resistant epoxy and finished with a thermosetting polyester powder topcoat)


  • Black Black #001
  • Gray Gray #002
  • White White #003
  • Red Red #004
  • Orange Orange #005
  • Yellow Yellow #006
  • Green Green #007
  • Blue Blue #008
  • Custom colors available upon request

Stainless Steel

  • Brushed Brushed
  • Shot Blasted Shot Blasted


*The colors shown on the images are for illustrative purposes. Contact us and ask for availability of colors.